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Athletes and Parents:

Welcome back to school!  We are only weeks away from our first meet on September 7th.  Keep in mind that if you are going to miss practice for any reason you must notify Coach Landry as soon as possible via email ( or text.  Your attendance at practice affects your ability to fully participate with the team and run in meets.  

Our schedule for the upcoming week is as follows with all practices from 4:30 to 6:30 pm, except for Friday:

Monday, 8/19:  Cedar Ridge Park

Tuesday, 8/20:  Forest Park

Wednesday 8/21:  Highland Rd. Park 

Thursday 8/22:  Cedar Ridge Park

Friday 8/23:  Practice at school from 3:15-5:15.  I will grab the four elementary kids from elementary and walk them over, please tell them to dismiss with siblings that day.

We want to remind our athletes that you are required to have a watch with a stopwatch on it at every practice.   Also, remember to put your mileage in on the website!  You can track biking and swimming too.  We are done with summer mileage, but keeping track of your workouts is an important part of the training process.   

Don't forget to do your long run this weekend!

Varsity -60 minute easy jog

Upper Middle -50 minute easy jog

Lower Middle -40 minute easy jog

If you still wish to make a purchase I requested to leave the team shop open until next Thursday.  You can visit the store at this link .  The access code is PBXCSPIRIT.  This is the last order of the season, if you want a sweatshirt now is the time to buy:)  

Finally, our concession stand dates are out!  Our weeks are September 17-21 and Feb. 18-22.  Please be on the lookout for a signup genius requesting workers and items for the concession stand.  This is a great fundraiser for us and we appreciate any donation, whether it's your time or items to sell.  We will also be working the football concession stand on Friday, September 20, we will send out more details about that as soon as we get them.  


The PBS Cross Country Coaching Staff

Welcome to the Home of Parkview Baptist School

Welcome to the Home of Parkview Baptist School

Welcome to the home of Parkview Baptist School Cross Country Team website. Users can create an account,log runs in the training log, get meet informationand all kinds of awesomeness with your SteepleWebsite....















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