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    Footlocker Cross Country South Regionals

    11/28/2019 - 12/01/2019

    USATF - Charlotte, NC -- McAlpine Park

    We have a couple of athletes who will be participating in the Foot Locker Cross Country Championship South Meet in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, November 30 . We are kicking around the idea of doing an optional team trip, but need to gauge who would be interested. There are races for 10&under, 11&12, 13&14, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and a championship. Due to the nature of the meet and the type of trip that it is we cannot take anyone who is in 6th grade and under without a parent chaperone and parents would be on their own for everything, even transportation. We will not be renting a bus, we know that we won't have the numbers to make that work. The cost of the trip would depend on the numbers, but so far we're estimating $250-$275 (including food). The catch is that we would have to leave on Thanksgiving to give us enough time to travel and rest before the race. We would return Sunday, December 1.

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