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    St. Michael High School Bayou Boogie Classic (V, JV, MS)


    - Baton Rouge, LA -- Highland Road Park

    St. Michael High School Bayou Boogie Classic

    Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022

    St. Michael High School is hosting its 22nd Bayou Boogie Classic on Saturday, Sept. 3rd at Highland Rd. Park in Baton Rouge, La.

    There will be T-shirts and medals awarded to the top 15 runners in each of the 4 races and trophies to the top 3 teams in all 4 races. 

    Only LHSAA eligible athletes are allowed to race in the 2 Varsity and/or 2 JV races. Entries in Girls’ and Boys’ Varsity races will be limited to 12. The JV races can have 12 athletes registered, wearing bibs and being timed. Extra JV athletes may also race but will not be timed.

    In accordance with LHSAA instructions, high schools may not host middle school races on the same day at the same location as high school events. Consequently, St. Michael will not host a middle school race at the Bayou Boogie.

    No club teams nor any athletes not associated with a LHSAA registered high school can participate.

    There will be snowballs sold and water supply available.

    Race schedule:

    8:00 a.m.      Girls Varsity (12 athletes per school)                3 miles

    8:45 a.m.      Boys Varsity (12 athletes per school)               3 miles

    9:30 a.m.      Boys & Girls JV (only 12 athletes per school timed)   3 miles

    10:30 a.m.    Awards Ceremony

    Middle school races will start at the conclusion of High school awards

    10:30 AM – GIRLS 2 Mile Middle School (scored & unlimited)
    11:00 AM – BOYS 2 Mile Middle School (scored & unlimited)
    12:00 PM – AWARDS Presentation


    Any runner who has not passed the final 400-meter mark of the course five minutes before the start of the next race will be diverted so as not to cross the regular finish line, to ensure the next race starts on time. In this instance, that runner will not score for the team nor have their finish time recorded. 

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