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    Episcopal Round Table Run (V, JV, MS)


    - Baton Rouge, LA -- Highland Road Park

    Episcopal/Varsity Sports 44rd Round Table Run 

    Saturday September 10, 2022  (INVITATIONAL ONLY)

    Episcopal High School is hosting our 44rd Annual Round Table Run Saturday, September 10, 2022 at Highland Road Park.

    AWARDS:     -Plaques to 1st  and 2nd Place teams in each varsity  race

                          -Tee shirts to top 20 runners in all varsity and jr. high races



    Entries in girls and boys varsity races will be limited to 10 runners

    The Jr. High races (Grades 8th and below) will be unlimited and unscored!   The Jr. Varsity races will be unlimited and unscored.



    • Official timing will cease approximately 30 minutes into the race in order to expedite the compilation of results. The bridge at the far end of the finishing straightway will be closed after 30 minutes to expedite the start of the next race. Runners will be directed along the far straightway to a finish line adjacent to the primary finish line on the other side of the canal. 
    • The unofficial display clock will be reset at the end of the time allotted for the previous race, usually when runners for the next race are positioned on the starting line.
    • Coaches are responsible for timing their runners in the open race and in the other races when either the official timer or display clock is reset.




                                         8:00am…………Boys Varsity 3 miler (Team Scoring)* (10 entries only)

                                         8:30am…………Girls Varsity 3 miler (Team Scoring)* (10 entries only)

                                         9:10am………….Junior Varsity 3/2 mile  (unlimited:  Boys and girls together-not scored)

                                         9:45am…………Awards Ceremony


                                        Middle School Meet  (not part of Round Table Run)

                                         10:30am……….Boys Jr. High 2 Miler (8th and under – no team scoring * (unlimited)

                                         10:50am……… Girls Jr. High 2 Miler (8th and under – no team scoring)*   (unlimited)

                                                                (no awards ceremony…tee shirts will be given at finish line)


    * The Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Divisions will be limited to 10 (TEN) runners in each division. (You will not need to designate your top 7)  A and B teams will not be permitted.  If you have additional runners who meet LHSAA eligibility requirements, they may participate in the J.V.  3/2  mile races.    All participants must wear school uniforms in all events.

    The Boys’ and Girls’ Middle school Divisions are for 8th graders and under.  Entries will be Unlimited .  No teams scores in these races. 


    All runners competing in our VARSITY races must meet LHSAA eligibility requirements.  No ineligible high school athletes will be allowed to complete in any event.  (This includes the Jr. Varsity s races.) )


    Club teams will not be allowed to run in varsity or jv races.  Only school teams are allowed to run.   Club teams may run in Jr. High divisions. 


    NOTE:  We will have water at the finish-line but it would be a good idea for each team to bring water as well. 


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